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Best Entry Level Road Bikes under $500

When looking at the best entry level road bike, the most important thing is cost. How much is too much for a entry level bike and what should I expect?

Obviously this will depend on your level of income however it also depends on how often you intend to ride your bike. If you only want a road bike for riding on Sunday’s then you can possibly get away with much cheaper bike.

A bike for just weekends is going to last a lot longer so spending big is not necessary however a daily ride needs to have a level of reliability.

Having said that its always good to have a certain level of quality regardless of how often you intend to ride.

You want that feeling of reliability everytime you get on your bike, and that only comes with the belief that the bike you purchased is the very best entry level road bike your money could buy. Of course a bit of research is required, however we have already done that for you.

GMC Denali Road Bike – cheapest and best entry level road bike?

If your looking for the best entry level road bike that is cheap, but is amazing for the price! then here it is. The GMC Denali road bike is by far the most recommended road bike by the people that matter, its customers. Of course its not perfect, but from only $159.00 it is a stand out.

While we were sifting through all the recommendations people have made on this bike, the most common statement people made was ” I didn’t really expect the GMC Delani road bike to be very good, I mean, its only $159.00, but i have to say its one of the best bikes I have owned”.

Should You Buy the GMC Denali Road Bike?

Well every bike has things that people like and don’t like. A popular “like” for the GMC road bike is it could “easily pass for a more expensive bike”. In fact one happy owner commented that a friend of his when asked “how much do you think this bike cost?” replied with “around 8-9 hundred”.

    Other popular comments include:
  • The bike is a great bargain
  • Its very light weight
  • Great Gears, easy shifting
  • Seat Post clamps down with plenty of length
  • At this price I could afford to buy another one if it was stolen
  • Took less than one hour to set up
  • Very smooth to ride

  • Not happy about:
  • Could have more color choice
  • Bike seat angle difficult to adjust
  • There is very limited mounting positions available for accessories
  • Pedals are to narrow (although they are easily replaceable)


Our research has shown the GMC Denali Road Bike is easily within reach of most people due to its incredable price. The customer reviews show the vast majority of people who bought this bike are happy with their purchase making it one of the best entry level road bikes.

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