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Bradley McGee Joins Team CSC
[22.10 12:28]

Stuart O'Grady Happy after Comeback
[22.10 10:17]

Fourth Place for Andy Schleck
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Ahead of Giro di Lombardia
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Oakley Glasses in the Team CSC Shop
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Why does the jersey look the way it does?

[05.03 12:02] In our gallery from the California training camp and Tour of California you can see the design for the new team jersey, which will be worn by the Team CSC riders in 2007. A jersey, which has undergone major design changes, but which still does not leave any doubt that it represents Team CSC.

But what thoughts lie behind the changes and the design in general?

The designer behind the jersey is Danish art director Inger T. Klixbull. Klixbull, who lives in the States, is the Creative Director at Ogilvy Chicago and has a degree from den Danske Reklameskole (the Danish School for Advertising.) In her current job she does advertising and design for clients like Dove, Coca-Cola, Miller Beer and Chicago Wolves Hockey.

She has been responsible for the design of the team's jerseys for seven years now, working very closely with Team Manager Bjarne Riis and Descente � Team Sponsor and manufacturer of the team jersey.

�Before I start working on the new design I talk to Bjarne and the manufacturer about the previous year's jersey and whether there's anything we can do to improve it and also bring it up to date.

It's very important for Riis Cycling and Team CSC that the clothes worn by the riders are very recognizable from one year to the next, because our fans have to be able to spot our riders out there on the roads. But we would also like to keep up to date, which is why you can always find elements from the previous year's jersey in the new one even though it's been updated,� explains Inger Klixbull about the process.

This explanation is easy to follow if you take a closer look at the team jerseys from the previous years. Even though the jersey from the first year with CSC as main sponsor looks a lot different from the 2007 jersey, it is small changes each year, which have given the jersey the look it has today.

But which thought process has brought Inger Klixbull to make the changes to the 2007 jersey?

�In 2007 the vision was to add more black to the jersey and also make it a bit more raw. Whereas the look of last year's jersey was a bit softer � almost organic, this year's design is a lot more raw and edgy. I've worked especially hard on creating more depth in the background pattern. The reason is, that when you see the jersey from a distance it has to have a cool and clean look, which is easy to recognize.�

�But when you see it up close, where you're able to enjoy the details it's great if you all of a sudden discover an extra dimension and complexity in the design. So this is why the new pattern is a black "Honeycomb" pattern with red highlights underneath. The thought is that you should be able to almost sense the heat and power coming from the riders � almost burning thru the clothes,� says Klixbull and continues:

�Last year's jersey was designed to accentuate the muscles in the body and this year's jersey is designed to show the raw power, which lies in each rider.�

For yours truly the first thought, which came to mind, was that there is an element of �Spiderman� in the intense and masculine design. To this the Danish designer replied:

�I'm pleased that you mention Spiderman � because a couple of my sources of inspiration has been super heroes. And many of the qualities we associate with super heroes - such as Superman, Batman and Spiderman - like super human strength, the ability to do the impossible, extraordinary abilities combined with the intimidating look of a super hero were something which I very much wanted to bring to the jersey.�

�The stronger and the more intimidating we look as a team the better!�

You will be able to buy the jersey in our web shop on team-csc.com shortly. 

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