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We do many things differently on our team and we intend to keep it that way. We have a set of values and apply special methods that are all part of a particular philosophy. This is something we have worked on for a few years now, and I think this past season was the first one in which our techniques truly showed their worth. Ideas such as teamwork, coaching and professionalism are new in cycling sports. It takes time to turn something like this into actual practice, but we have come a long way. We are now known as the team that takes its staring position in the team rather than the individual. I am convinced that this idea has contributed to the success we have achieved for the cycling Team CSC and the company Riis Cycling A/S.

Not everyone believes in what we do. That is fine with me: I am happy knowing that our team is different. I am even happier knowing that we have delivered results in both sports and business that speak for themselves. Our team possesses something that many others would like to have because we have started to build from the bottom and with the right tools. This has helped to create our image as a team where things actually work and where the riders have the best opportunities for development. We are proud of this image, and acknowledge that there are responsibilities and work involved in maintaining it. Our foundation is in place, and it is the result of intense work contributed by everyone who is on or around the team.

The entire team looks forward to continuing in the same style in the new season.

Bjarne Riis 

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