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  Team CSC 2006 - Results
Team CSC 2006
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04.06 Lancaster Classics USA 1.1

1. Jackson Stewart, Kodak 3.09.20
2. Juan Jose Haedo, Toyota-United s.t.
3. Sergey Lagutin, Navigators Insurance s.t.
4. Hilton Clarke, Navigators Insurance s.t.
5. Richard Faltus, Sparkasse s.t.
31. Bobby Julich, Team CSC s.t.
33. Kasper Klostergaard, Team CSC +0.10
36. Andrea Peron, Team CSC +0.16
51. Matti Breschel, Team CSC +9.02

Participating CSC Riders
Matti Breschel
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Bobby Julich
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Kasper Klostergaard
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Lars Michaelsen
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Martin Pedersen
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Andrea Peron
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Luke Roberts
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