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  Team CSC 2006 - Results
Team CSC 2006
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14.06-17.06 Ster Elektrotoer NED 2.1

1. Kurt-Asle Arvesen, Team CSC 14.38.21
2. Jürgen Van De Walle, Quick-Step +0.20
3. Paolo Bossoni, Tenax +0.36
4. Gerben Löwik, Rabobank +0.41
5. Frederik Willems, Chocolade Jacques +0.43
10. Jens Voigt, Team CSC +3.10
72. Peter Luttenberger, Team CSC +15.18
73. Kasper Klostergaard, Team CSC +16.01

1  14.06  Schijndel -> Nuth, 122km
2  14.06  Schimmert , 11km ITT
3  15.06  Valkenburg -> Valkenburg 179km
4  16.06  Verviers -> La Gileppe, 192km
5  17.06  Sittard -> Eindhoven, 133km

Participating CSC Riders
Kurt-Asle Arvesen
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Matti Breschel
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Kasper Klostergaard
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Peter Luttenberger
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Lars Michaelsen
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Christian Müller
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Martin Pedersen
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Jens Voigt
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