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Team CSC and Cerv�lo Extend Partnership Through 2006

Team CSC and Cerv�lo Cycles announced today at Team CSC's training camp in Tuscany, Italy that they have extended their partnership through to the end of 2006.

After an extremely successful 2003 season culminating in three Tour de France stage wins and the overall victory in its team classification, the announcement should not come as a surprise. While numerous other bike companies courted Team CSC and several other teams approached Cerv�lo, it was clear to all involved that the Team CSC-Cerv�lo partnership is an ideal match.

�Team CSC and Cerv�lo have proven to be a winning combination,� said Phil White, Cerv�lo co-founder. �They're well organized and have great riders who get results. Bjarne Riis' vision is the main reason we started our partnership with the team, and we have not been disappointed.

They have also made us better bike designers. Their feedback was instrumental in the development of our new carbon frame. We listened to their comments, showed them our designs and several of the riders rode prototypes in the development phase. When three team members rode the final version to stage victory in the Tour, we knew we had succeeded. After the Tour the riders unanimously told us that they loved the new bike and not to make any changes to it. Of course, we will always continue to improve our bikes, but those statements clearly showed the collaboration is working.�

�Our existing models such as the Soloist have benefited as well,� added Gerard Vroomen, Cerv�lo's other co-founder. �While the riders liked the 2003 model, they had some suggestions on how to make its handling even better. Again we listened and here at the training camp, it is gratifying to hear riders now describe the Soloist as very similar in ride to the carbon frame.�

�We're very pleased to be continuing our partnership with Cerv�lo for the next three years�, agreed Bjarne Riis. �The bike is a rider's most important tool, and it has to be perfect. Working with Phil and Gerard we have experienced a high level of collaboration that has been substantiated in the teams performance on Cerv�lo bikes. We are very happy to continue this collaboration and we look forward to being an important part of the future developments of the Cerv�lo bikes�

The Team CSC-Cerv�lo partnership has also had a profound impact on Cerv�lo's business. In the past two years the �desirability� of Cerv�lo road bikes, as measured by North American's leading cycling magazine VeloNews, has increased ten-fold, and CSC-Cerv�lo's Team bike was second in popularity only to the USPS bike in cyclingnews.com's reader's poll, and that bike has been in the spotlight five years longer than the Cerv�lo.� 

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