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Interview med Alberto Contador på hviledagen

[16.05 16:45] - Alberto, we are at the first rest day of the Giro and you took the pink jersey yesterday. How are you?

- Well, the truth is that yesterday was a great day. Our objective was not to get the jersey. The goal was to gain time on our rivals. It was a climb that was not particularly suited for me but the result was amazing and I am very happy. To take the pink jersey is not significant now though.

- Now comes the most important part of the race?

- Yes, the Giro has only just begun. The first nine days have been intensive. We have seen how well the rivals are doing and now we have some incredible stages in the Dolomites plus the two time trials to come.
- What will be the strategy from now, what will be the strategy to manage this leadership?
- We have to see how things go day by day but for us the goal is to have the jersey on 29th in Milan. The Giro is very difficult to control, especially with these stages so long and so hard. For us it is not that important to keep the leadership of the race now.

- What do you expect from rivals, which are the most dangerous and have they changed since the beginning?

- No, the rivals remain are still the same. Some have been lost some time but I don't know if it's because a bad day or because they aren't in good shape, like Menchov and Joaquín Rodríguez, who didn't have a brilliant day yesterday but it will be really hard from now on. Everyone is going to attack and to attack from afar they will probably send riders ahead and will be very difficult to control. I'm ready for everything.

- Precisely for that reason, how do you see your team? Are they strong and do you have confidence in them?

- Yes, I have full confidence in them! We must be aware that the Giro is very difficult to control by only one team but they are very motivated and these days I have been very comfortable. They allowed me to be as relaxed as possible in the peloton. I hope we can have everything under control.

- Because of yesterday's win, everybody says that you have become the great patron of the Giro. Do you agree or is it an obstacle to try to win in Milan?

I don't think at all I'm the big patron. Yesterday was a good day, I gained some time on them and it was very important but whatever they call me, their eyes are on me and the whole world is watching what I do. I don't think that's going to change the behavior of my rivals.

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